Operation Easter Basket



Operation Easter basket was in full effect during the month of March as various Wilson Automotive employees came forth to donate toys, goods, and time to put together Easter baskets to give to the Friendly Center for underprivileged children in our community.  The Friendly Center of Orange provides aid for low-income families in the community with over 20 programs providing support to over 1,000 families each year.  Reports show that 95 percent of families who complete their program remain self-sufficient and stable one year after.  During the month of March, the Friendly Center took Easter basket donations with 3 requirements: a chocolate bunny, a toy, and one hygiene item.

Our goal was to complete 100 baskets for the Friendly Center but thanks to the generosity of our associates, we managed to deliver 175 baskets!  We would like to give thanks to everyone for their kind donations, time, and support. This was truly a remarkable project.


Easter 2


P.S by Vikki


Homeless, I presumed.  His clothes looked old and frayed as he stood behind me in line at the 99 cent store.  It wasn’t such a random assumption.  The “homeless situation” had been all over the news for several weeks.  He had two small items in his hands, while I had a shopping basket overflowing with items for the Easter baskets we were assembling.  “Please, go ahead of me,” I offered.  When he replied he was missing a couple of teeth; but his smile lit up his face.  “Nah, that’s all right – I got nothin’ but time.  You go ahead.”

“Seriously!” I encouraged.  “Did you see this cart?  Don’t wait with those two things while I check out this mountain of stuff.”  As I moved my cart aside for him to pass, he asked, “So you got a huge family or what?  I never seen so much candy and toys in one place.”

He seemed oblivious to the disparaging looks of some of the other customers, and seemed to want to talk.  As the lady in front of him checked out, we chatted about Operation Easter Basket, and how the baskets we were assembling were going to needy and at-risk children.  I told him a little about what our dealerships do to give back to our communities, and how we have a soft spot for children and young adults.  He said he owned a Toyota “back in the day.”  He agreed that it was always a good thing to share, and I couldn’t help wondering when the last time was he had anything extra to share with anyone.

The crumpled bills he dug out of his back pocket made me feel a little guilty.  “I should have paid for that,” I thought to myself.  “What if it’s all he has?”  But I was too late.  The transaction completed, he began to walk away.  Then he turned, winked at me, and handed something to the cashier.  It wasn’t until he was out the door that she showed it to me.   “That man just gave this to me and said to apply it to your total.  He said ‘that lady is doing good things – and I want to help.’”  It was a $50 bill.