Blood Drive Saves Lives


Villa Ford of Orange saved lives by holding not 1 but 2 Red Cross Blood Drives.  On March 25, a blood drive was coordinated in the dealership parking lot with the goal of just 24 donors.  The amount of participation and involvement was overwhelming.  Employees and customers alike filled the slots far in advance.  So far in fact, that the goal was exceeded and 34 donors gave blood that day, of which 21 were first timers.  With participation at an all-time high and a country in need, Scott Wade, General Manager of Villa Ford of Orange, decided to host another drive on April 10 in the showroom.  Another 26 donors bravely gave their blood. .  A total of 26 units of life-saving blood were collected – and each unit can save up to 3 peoples’ lives!  What an amazing way for the associates at Villa Ford of Orange to give back during such an uncertain and challenging time for all of us.  

Blood Drive Red_Cross_2020 RedCross20 VF Blood Drive 1 VP Blood Drive 2