A hot shower is something most of us take for granted. And whether or not you enjoy doing laundry, few of us even think about the comfort of having clean clothes.
To the homeless, however, these things are luxuries.

Right Toyota and Right Honda have been working with the non-profit Cloud Covered Streets for over 3 years to help service the homeless community in Arizona.  Together, they have fundraised, volunteered, donated, and sponsored events to help raise money for the first ever mobile shower and laundry facility.

The prototype was completed this summer; and the Cloud Covered Streets team is anxious to get it on the streets. Here homeless or down-on-their-luck individuals will have access to a safe and free place to shower and wash their clothes.

The Right dealerships, aided by a Toyota match grant, will continue to support this unit in the Scottsdale area. These contributions will provide a continuous supply of towels, toiletries, detergent, and other items. They hope to eventually be able to provide haircuts and even assistance with job applications and resumes. The portable unit will also be available to serve the community at large in emergency situations.

Cloud Covered Streets hopes to have 25 of these mobile facilities in operation throughout the nation by 2025. Right Honda and Right Toyota are proud to have had a role in developing this amazing concept in Arizona.