Wilson Automotive was proud to sponsor and volunteer at Orangewood Foundation’s Independent City.   Set up as a mock city, this event serves as a dress rehearsal for foster teens, presenting them with decisions and situations they will face once they emancipate (or “age out”) of the foster care system at 18.  Local businesses provide volunteers to lend a hand with activities, such as opening a checking account, finding an apartment, arranging daycare for make-believe children (in the form of hard boiled eggs!) and shopping for groceries within a budget.

Obviously Wilson Automotive’s life lesson was on how to purchase your first vehicle.  Bill Mansfield, Fleet Manager at Ford of Orange, was the “salesman extraordinaire” who helped guide the youth through such decisions as financing options, insurance, need vs. want, and new vs. pre-owned.  Approximately 100 youth, ages 16-21 flocked to the booth asking and answering a series of questions to get a perspective on some of the responsibilities facing them in the future.    It was an honor to be able to help provide these Orangewood youth with knowledge and skills to help them transition into adulthood.

Independent City3