July 4



July 4 was a little subdued this year.  No fireworks displays, parades, marathons or block parties.  Beaches were empty, and picnic tables bare.   Nonetheless, front-line workers, police and fire still had their hands full.  Covid-19, illegal fireworks and random protests kept these first responders scrambling throughout the weekend.  Wilson Automotive employees decided to celebrate the 4th by thanking these individuals for their hard work and dedication.  The dealerships came together to assemble nearly 500 “gift bags of gratitude” and distribute them to local health and public safety workers over the weekend.  Each bag included items such as hand sanitizer, snacks, phone chargers, and even a “stress ball.”  Needless to say, the recipients were delighted to take a break and enjoy being recognized for all their hard work.  One healthcare worker opened her bag and said, “Just wow!  You don’t know what this means to us that someone recognizes and appreciates all we are going through right now.  Thank you!”

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